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Courses and coaching sessions adapted to individual needs

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Improve Your Skills

Your mentored digital space to develop your skills

Our Improve Your Skills (IYS) mentoring training courses aim initially to work together with you to co-construct your project to develop your staff’s skills.

Your staff will be given the necessary guidance to ensure that they make the most of the materials available to them.

Regular follow-up sessions are planned to check with you that the service provided is coherent with your objectives and the participants’ expectations.

The e-learning platform can be accessed 24h/24h, 7 days a week and on all types of screen thus enabling your staff to train when and where they like!

Our mentoring is adapted to your needs

We will work with you to create a training programme with case studies and collaborative projects which are specifically adapted to your field of activity/ company/region/service/participants.

Your employees will enjoy a certain autonomy, whilst at the same time being supported by 1 or several experts in any given field.

They will be able to share information and benefit from direct exchanges with the teachers, tutors and other trainees.

Courses specifically tailored to your needs

Your employees develop the skills required for your business, without needing to be absent and thus incurring less expenses (no hotel, restaurant, transport etc; costs).

Our programmes are evolutive and teaching is done using a variety of educational methods (Webinar, interactive PDF, videos, quizzes, tests, individual case studies, “Learning on job”, group work…)



In addition, our platform is suitable for international employees and organisations via its bi- lingual interface (English/French).

Our multi-disciplinary team is composed of Franco-British experts, each teaching one or several of our specific management modules.

mentored digital space

General and customised learning assessments

General assessments are integrated throughout the learning process to ensure that your employees have fully understood the course and ensure that they can successfully apply what they have learnt.

Customised learning assessments are also put in place to enable you to easily follow your employees’ progress.

Un suivi individualisé de vos apprenants est mis en place, ce qui vous permet d’accompagner au mieux sa progression.

Your skills development plan incorporated into our courses

Managing your HR skills development plan is simplified by using our IYS platform, as it will enable you to follow your employees’ progress with ease.

We can incorporate your specific competency framework into our courses and mentoring. You will thus enable your employees to be fully aware of the skills gained and those yet to be developed through a clear and encouraging reporting system.

Your employees will receive a certificate to confirm their successful achievement of the course, as determined with you prior to the course beginning.

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International trade management

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